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Treadmill Repair
A treadmills is probably one of the most expensive fitness equipment that you will own, so proper maintenance is very important so you're treadmill will last a long time.

There many companies that offer treadmill repair service and chances are you will find one near you. With today's demand on staying fit and trim, treadmills have become of the best selling fitness machines and to keep it running like new, proper maintenance and repairs are often part of owing a treadmill. 

To find a local treadmill repair company you can start with your phone book and look under fitness equipment or exercise equipment repair services and you should find local companies that repair treadmills. Your other options is to use the power of the internet to search for a local treadmill repair company in your area. We recommend Treadmill Doctor for all you're treadmill repair needs. Treadmill Doctor offer a wide range or treadmill parts and supplies along with a database of treadmill repair companies all across the US. But Treadmill Doctor doesn't stop there, they also offer a wide range of parts and supplies for exercise bikes, ellipticals, steppers and most fitness equipment.

Treadmill Repair Manuals
You can also use the internet to find treadmill repair manuals that allow you to perform basic repairs on your treadmill right at home and do your own treadmill repair. Some of your basic repairs may include:

  • How to change a walking belt?
  • How to lubricate the belt?
  • How to adjust the belt?
  • How to maintain your motor?
  • How to grease your motor?
  • And other basic repair

Treadmill repair can be expensive and sometimes you have no choice but to have a professional fix the treadmill and Treadmill Doctor will help you do just that. But if you are in need for some basic treadmill repairs, then you should look for the treadmill repair manual for your particular machine and do the work yourself. It's not that hard and some basic treadmill repairs are very simply if you have the right information.

Used Treadmills
Buying a used treadmill can save you a lot of money and sometimes you can pick one up for a fraction of the cost of a new treadmill, especially if you are looking for a commercial treadmill.





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